Can I access a case study about me?

A couple of weeks ago, my specialist at Children's Hospital told me that I had such a rare extent of my disease that I'm a case study and am used in medical schools/research facilities to find other treatment options and maybe a cure (Odd flex, I guess). So, the photos they took during my surgeries, my medical history, and other info about me is being used for these educational purposes. Is there a way I can find these case studies about me? Do I just ask him?

By the way, my mom consented to their use of my case when I was 10, so they didn't do anything illegally. I don't regret being studied or anything, I'm just interested on how I'm being used.

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  • 1 month ago
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    The short answer is No. That type of consent does not mean other medical professionals are looking at your case personally, it just means the medical info is available for review. If that info was used as a reference, it's unlikely they'd even have your name or personal details. When an unusual case is examined as a disease study, you'd only be an anonymous patient.

  • 1 month ago

    If they’re gonna use you as a guinea pig then you should get paid for it.

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