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i became too aware of my breathing & panicked?

I was just laying in bed after having an anxiety inducing/ stressful night. I wasn’t thinking a lot about what was stressing me out, in fact i was trying to calm down. suddenly i felt like i wasn’t taking in enough air & i became so aware of my breathing pattern that i began breathing faster, which made me feel like i was struggling. it stopped after a couple of minutes & i’m still slightly aware of my breathing, however i’m not very panicked anymore. what causes this? is this normal?

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    When we're upset, this can have an effect on our breathing like what you describe here. You might think that it would give us all the air we need, but it conveys a sense that we're not getting enough air. It has to do with the amount of CO2 in our systems. 

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    If this happens a lot see a mental or emotional health professional 

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