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Can you explain how a scientist named Aldo could harvest CO2 from the ambient air and, by subjecting it to 5,000 suns in a solar reactor, ?

create liquid hydrogen fuels and solar methanol, carbon neutral because it was harvested from the atmosphere in the first place?


ETH Zurich carbon neutral fuel made from sunlight and air June 13, 2019 Aldo Steinfeld, Professor of Renewable Energy Carriers. Solar Syngas. 

Update 2:

Harvest CO2 from the air and subject it to 5,000 times the power of the sun in a solar reactor.

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    Because you can't make methanol out of CO2.

    Do you have a link?  Since the chemistry you refer to doesn't make any sense.

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    Aldo Steinfeld is his name and yes. Liquid hydrocarbon fuels can be made from sunlight and air. June 13, 2019 press release by ETH Zurich and called Solar Syngas. 

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