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Am I an outdated fool of a man or is it okay to stay this way?

I am NOT a feminist or a simp or something along that line. But being a young man with several years of work experience, now attending school, I have never been a person to chase hedonistic pleasure. Therefore, I am not into casual dating. I am a serious person. I am not that experienced in dating but I don't fall for a woman just for looks because they're too costly. I care about personality as well. I see even some of my close female friends falling for the wrong guy and I have always wanted to be the man that would make any fathers feel comfortable letting their daughters marry. I'm not a sexist nor a complete gentleman either. I'm not a simp nor a cuck but I'm no macho or a frat boy either.


I look for quality in a relationship because emotional connection is very important for me too.

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    Lol no I don't see how there's anything wrong with this. Of course many people (especially if they're young) are more into casual dating but many are like you. I'm like this myself and I've found that making your intentions clear and laying your cards out on the table from the get-go is best in most dating situations. Most people who are just looking for a fling will want not to pursue someone who has made it clear they want a serious relationship and people who want the same thing will be attracted to that. My current boyfriend of two years told me that he wants someone to bring home for Christmas Eve and I thought that was very cute.

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