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How do I comfort my female friend who had a bad experience from casual dating as a male friend of hers?

She was hoping for something long-term, the guy didn't want it that way. I'm her friend. How do I comfort her? I happened to be not into short term casual datings. If I had a hookup, it wouldn't end there. If I had a hookup with a woman, I would have been attracted to her, to begin with, and would have built a relationship with her. However, not everyone thinks as I do so I have no intention of changing her beliefs just because I might think differently from other people. She is basically regretting it and bummed out that the guy doesn't feel the same way she feels about a potential relationship with her. Best ways to comfort her?

This not only hurts her but it hurts me too. I had a crush on her a few years ago and I told her, but our feelings were not mutual. However, we remained good friends, supporting each other, being there for each other and I value her as a good friend. Although I am not her parent nor a guardian, I want her to be happy and I want her to meetsomeone who cares and values her. I moved on but when she told me about her recent experience, it stung a little bit. I don't want to be judgemental of her or anything because that'd make this about me, not her. I may feel this way even more because I'm not into casual stuff. I'm not a soyboy or a cuck or a feminist or whatever but I care about her.


I did not tell her about how I feel about her experience because then it would be about me and it's not about that although my feelings are valid but it must be put to the side for the time being.

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    Just being a friend and encouraging her. She probably had an idea of the type of relationship she wanted, and when she didn't get that, she got disappointed. Being a friend and offering moral support to her can help her during this time. 

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    just tell her she might find a better guy someday

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    maybe she just wants a new address and hopes for a baby to bloom? sometimes its so simple but seems needy or not humble request. she might even be interested in u.. best wishes tc.

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