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am i or my doctor blurring the lines??

Im 30 and my doctor is around 44 years old from a guess. I have seen this doctor for dental procedures where I've been lightly sedated and i honestly think that I am having some weird feelings here. First, I've never had a doctor be so kind to me before and compassionate as him. I don't know if this is too much but i usually get really nervous for my procedures and the last time i had one he held my hand for about a minute and other staff was in the room too, so i thought he was probably trying to make me feel better. THe first time i had a dental procedure with him i remember he personally attended to me by bringing me juice and helping me get up. I had an appt with him a week ago and he gave me a side hug and told me to stay motivated and strong because i get really nervous about anesthesia. He also discussed another treatment and said that since insurance doesn't cover it he would work with me on payment and not charge me thousands for it. I feel like I'm starting to like him which i know isn't good. I don't think he likes me i just think he is nice but I'm getting myself confused here. Other than the hug nothing else seemed inappropriate and he was running late so we didnt have much time for the appt, but other than that.. what do you guys think??? am i blurring the lines or is he?


Me interesting?? Why do you say that lol. i can tell you more sure what would you like to know

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    i would hope not

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