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please help me with this dont judge mee please sometime it hard for me to understand?

In 1995, Singapore passed the "Maintenance of Parents Act." This law suggests that "first, family, rather than government or society, should provide care for older people, second, that children have the financial means to support their aged parents, and, third, that older people actually want more direct care from their families(Moody, 2012, p.202)." "When problems arise in old age, most people turn to their families and friends for help. The vast bulk of care for the frail elderly, perhaps 80%, is furnished by families and other private individuals. But the American family is changing at the same time that American society is witnessing changes in the proportion and character of the aging population. Families are facing new challenges to give care and help, as well as bearing the cost of long-term care for elderly members" (Moody, 2012, p.197). Be sure to also read the brief article posted in this week's reading corner about China's New Law that was introduced July, 2013. So, should American families be legally mandated to provide for their own, as Singapore has enforced? 

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    it sounds like good advice

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    what is wanted is discussion about the question at the end, both in favor and opposed.  Personally, I'm in favor -- can't imagine not doing so myself for my parents, or my wife's parents.

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