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Does a Transthoracic Echocardiogram show "clogged" arteries of the heart?


Question for skeptik:

What about a Coronary Angiography?...Does that show clogged arteries?

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    I misread the question.

    An echocardiogram generally doesn't have the image resolution to show coronary artery blockages.  They are used primarily to look for problems with valves, or other things that affect flow through the major arteries.

    To see clogged coronary arteries, you really need catheterization.


    Yes, a the purpose of a coronary angiogram is the diagnosis of clogged and narrowed coronary arteries.

    It does this by injecting a dye that is opaque to x-rays into the arteries through a catheter, and creating a video with x-rays that shows how the dye moves around.

    A note on terminology:

    "Coronary angiography" is the name of the procedure of collecting the images.

    "Coronary angiogram" is the name for the image that's collected.

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