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How to recover from tibia fracture I received?

I fell from banana feels by my house's dumpeter bin. There was spilled beer and banana peels. Small amounts of it, but I managed to fracture my tibia in my right leg. Good thing is I am left handed. I will undergo surgery this weekend. What can i do afterwards to regain the motion i used to have. I don't want to be limited on my right leg after the surgery. 


Banana Peele, typo

Update 2:

How long until I can ride my bike again. I was a product stocker in Lowe's until I was laid off because pandamic.   How long until I can be a product stocker. 

Update 3:

I wa luckybdcuas of pandamic since it would have been tougher to work in lowes

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    The surgeon will probably recommend you have professional physical therapy and give you a referral to someone. Strangers on a forum are the last people I'd take advice from on this. 

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