As I dumb for not understanding physics?

This is gonna sound rather silly but I have a degree in math/statistics with a side of computer science (programming). However, I cannot for the life of me understand a word or concept of physics. I will admit my abstract intuition is stronger than my physical institution but at the same time it makes me feel dumb given that someone who loves math, calculus, statistics and computer programming how they could fail to pick up a subject like physics? Has anyone ever been in a similar situation to this? Everyone tells me the two are very different and require different ways of thinking. Thanks for all your answers.

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    1 month ago

    I completely understand. You aren’t dumb! (Neither am I)

    I graduated with a degree in Engineering and Computer Science. I had fun with calculus all the way to Engineering mathematics. I felt comfortable with differential equations, and found subjects like discrete math easy and fun.But physics embarrassed me. I had to go to several tutors. I would really struggle to even begin some word problems. And oftentimes I would come up with answers that weren’t even close to correct.I was like, “dude, you aced your trigonometry final and you got a 60% on a physics quiz??!”So please don’t beat yourself up. I never found someone who could explain physics in a way I could compute, so I just muscled my way through. (And did the minimum physics required!)But what you can try to do is find a creative thinker who’s good in physics. Someone to explain it in abstract or weird ways that will make sense to you.

    Good luck and please don’t feel bad!

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    1 month ago

    My mind works the other way round.  At school all those years ago I did quite well at Physics, but I struggled with chemistry for a year and then gave it up.  Maths was also not a strong subject for me.   Physics up to school-leaving level seemed so logical to me.

    I struggle sometimes even to do the basics with a computer!

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