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Is the Coronavirus a media hype or is it really something where I should no go anywhere except essential places now that 2nd wave is here?

I am hearing it will be a "winter of death and carnage". 

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    The virus is real, I know 3 people that have tested positive for it. They were not elderly people. I didn't think my area would get a second wave, but it's happening. 

    Don't go any where that isn't essential. Wear a mask at indoor public places, practice physical distancing, and wash your hands frequently. If you can order on line or do curb side pick ups to help limit possible exposures. 

    If you see the number of cases in your area it's not all that hyped up. Covid can affect any one, not just elderly people. 

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    The virus is real but it's been hyped up and politicized by liberal politicians.  If Biden is the next president pay attention to how the liberal media reports on the virus. 

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