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Toxic Friend?

Okay, so, I have this one friend, let’s call her Charlotte for privacy purposes. We’ve been best friends since kindergarten, she’s basically like a sister to me, but she’s become more and more toxic. More recently, I started cosplaying, And I actually felt confident and felt I looked good for once. When I sent a picture to her, she laughed and said I looked constipated. I was going to be in front of people too. So that kinda hurt. She also blames all her issues and her attitude and everything on her home issues. My other friend had to drop her cause she had been toxic to her as well. She’s always complaining when I call somebody else instead of her or if I hang out with somebody else more than her. She even said to my friend before she dropped her that I supposedly said the N word. Everyone is telling me to drop her, but I’m too scared to because it’s usually hard for me to make friends and losing a friend that’s been close to you for so many years hurts. What should I do? I’m scared she’s gonna hate me..

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    I know someone like your friend and i couldn't care less if she hates me or likes me.  I can't stand her behavior and her sour attitude.  I avoid her for the most part, but i'm not rude or disrespectful.  I don't want someone like that in my life.

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    She is a little bit clingy and well, a hell lot possessive of you. Tell her that you feel very bad when she doesn't support you. Confront her and tell her if she keeps doing it you will have no other option than to drop her like other friends. 

    Dear don't let other's make you what they want. if u feel it's toxic drop it. 

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