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Greatest Los Angeles Dodgers Moment As Of 2020?

1958 Debut Season, 1959 World Series Champions, Sandy Koufax 1965 Perfect Game, Rise Of Fernando Valenzuela (Fernandomania), Orel Hershiser's 59 Consecutive Scoreless Innings Pitched, World Series Winners 1981, 1988 Kirk Gibson's Home Run In The World Series, 1988 World Series Champions, Clayton Kershaw's 2014 No-Hitter, 1963 Domination In The World Series With A Sweep, Rick Monday's Holding And Saving The American Flag (1976), Justin Turner's 2017 Walk Off Home Run In The NLCS, 18 Long Innings If Your A Dodgers Fan And Ends With One Max Muncy In The 2018 MLB World Series Or The Dodgers Wins The 2020 MLB World Series Breaking A 32-Year Drought 

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    In my lifetime it was still Gibson's walk-off Home Run.... the '88 run to the pennant with a bunch of backups and rejects from other teams was a fantastic run and the popular narrative in the media was that they should just "be glad to be there."

    The A's were the far sexier team with Canseco and McGwire, both still young enough to have an innocence about them,  providing the "splash" while their veteran pitching staff operated like a bunch of icy-nerved surgeons.  

    What's more, they had youngish "braniac" manager who used those new-fangled computer things to.... can you imagine... manage ANALYTICALLY!  The TV networks, always trying to appeal to younger audiences, played up the contrast between the "high tech" Larussa and "old school, outdated" Lasorda.

    When Mickey Hatcher, the symbol of the Dodgers' bunch of castoffs, cracked a 1st inning HR, it looked like the magical run would continue... when Jose Canseco responded with a mammoth Grand Slam in the next inning, it was as if he was finally putting the Dodgers in their place.

    Baseball is full of "signature" moments....but Gibson's HR was one that could be called a "defining" moment.  It literally changed the entire tone of the Series and you could immediately sense all the swagger sucked right out of the A's.  With a single swing, Gibson's HR...what Vin Scully described as "the impossible" in his iconic call ... made the Dodgers' series title "inevitable"...

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    Justin Turner defying COVID isolation orders and partying with his friends. Not surprising for someone who supports BLM i guess.

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