Why are children getting a flu vaccine as a nasal spray, but adults are having injections?

If the vaccine is available as a nasal spray - then why is it not used for everyone as there are less serious health complications, and is easier to administer?

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  • Andy C
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    1 month ago

    Nasal spray is less effective,  but people hate giving shots to their children. 

    Why did you think antivaxxers are a thing?

  • 1 month ago

    the nose is filled with blood capillaries and vessels, this is why cocaine users would snort in the cocaine without the need to inject them.. nasal-spray-flu-vaccine(s) were shown to be able to enter the blood and produce the immunity needed in a vaccine.. children are more susceptible to external environmental changes; children will feel the effect of pollution, chemicals and changes in the temperatures faster than the adults.. also (and this is important later), children have a less robust immune system compared to adults.. they are very vulnerable to infections and they often get sick more than adults..

    the answer to your question, is because we do not have sufficient evidence that nasal-spray-flu-vaccine would work for adults as good as for children.. evidence-based medicine is the hallmark for any advancement in making a drug or a vaccine.. any drug or vaccine must undergo extreme scrutiny during the 3 stages of human trials; and if the trials shows that a nasal-spray-flu-vaccine works in children but not as effective as in adults, then the vaccine should be given to children but not to adults..

    a nasal-spray-flu-vaccine uses a live attenuated vaccine.. the term attenuated means that it is incapable of producing harm (infection) in people.. and more than often, we use viruses from animal sources, like monkey adenoviruses.. these viruses bear some similarities with the human flu (influenzae) virus but can never produce infections to the human body..a flu-vaccine's job is to train the human immune system against the flu virus and minimizing the symptoms of the infection.. it is the experience that shooting-range and combat-simulations provide for military and police personals.. in a hostage simulation, a police swat trainee enters a building filled with trainers disguised as terrorists or bank-robbers; and this type of training helps the trainee to cope and to better-respond to a real-life situations.. 

    the problem with adult immune system, is the fact that it is much stronger and faster than children immune system.. the adult immune system would not allow that attenuated adenovirus to cross the nose barrier, and it would be immediately destroyed before the immune system could learn from it..it would be as if the police swat trainee decides on using a bazooka to bring down the building along with all the trainers inside in that hostage-rescue-simulation before learning anything from that simulations.. however in children, the immune system is slightly less robust, so it is more likely that it will allow the simulation to proceed.. and remember, the aim for the simulation is not to defeat the trainers (robbers or terrorists), the aim for the simulation is to train them for the real-life situation against real criminals..

    to be honest, i am a bit sceptic about nasal-spray-vaccines, i prefer the more traditional intramuscular IM injections because we have years worth of evidence that IM injections work very well.. nasal-spray-vaccine is something new to appease mothers to vaccinate their children.. however, when evidence show that nasal-spray-vaccines work in children, who am i to say otherwise..`



    who knows?.. maybe in few years, vaccine developers may develop a nasal vaccine that works with adults.. but almost all of our current vaccines are taken via IM injections with few notable exceptions..

  • 1 month ago

    Kids don't like shots.

  • 1 month ago

    You can choose to have either one. The shot is more readily available and so that's what most people take.

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