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Was I blocked by this person on Facebook? If so, how did they know it was me?

I don’t use my real name on Facebook and I never showed my real life photo on there. My profile pic on Facebook is  Mario from Nintendo. Anyways the guy that I searched up on Facebook was one of the people who bullied me in high school. I didn’t click add or write in his comments. Anyways 5 months later I can’t find him. Did he block me or delete his Facebook? I have tried searching him up through incognito but I get nothing. I am scared because then he will know I am still stuck in the past. Maybe he might approach me and say “ Why were you looking at my Facebook ******?”. How did he find out I was lurking in his profile?

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    Good chance he simply deactivated his account.  Happened to me, too.  I proved it by creating another facebook account using a throwaway email.  If the new account didn't find him, then I knew it was deactivated. 

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