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Is it possible for someone to be a b**** at work, but normal in their homelife?

There's a senior lady at work who's horrible to everyone.

To explain, if anyone disagrees with her view, or provides useful input on a project - she will start literally yelling at them until her way is finally agreed on. She treats juniors like trash, talks down on them, and has made a few colleagues cry. 

Whenever I finish working on a project with her, I feel completely demoralised & demotivated by the end of it (& others have said the same too). She constantly cuts me off when I'm talking like it's irrelevant, and embarrasses me in front of others. She's pretty senior & is profitable, so we just have to put up with it.

And it generally got me thinking. Her behaviour can't be healthy long-term.

Is it possible for someone to be mean at work, but normal in their homelife?

Or are people like this usually mean at the workplace, because they're unhappy at home? (I know she's going through some stuff e.g. divorce etc.)


The issue is that she sucks up to those more senior than her, so they don't know how bad she is. 

Secondly, we have to tread lightly because she brings a lot of clients to the company, and hence money. She goes, then we lose those clients. 

Update 2:

To LAN - this is the first time I've posted this comment. I'm not sure it you've seen something similar that you're referring to?

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    Well you keep stupidly posting variations of the same rants over and over here, do you also do this in your real life?

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    "Her behavior can't be healthy long-term".

    No truer words were ever spoken.  You are correct.

    I don't care if she is "senior" or "profitable".  Her rude and inappropriate behavior gets tolerated by colleagues and her supervisors and this is why she is toxic at work and at home.

    My question is WHY DOESN'T ANYONE ASSERT THEMSELVES TO HER AND POINT OUT HER BEHAVIOR AND SET LIMITS ON IT?  Why do you work with a bunch of sheep who don't know how to handle someone like this?

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    She's obviously a liberal who refuses to be treated for her mental illness.  

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