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 what do u call a person  who brainwashes u into staying in a place u want to leave?

like he gaslights u into staying in the same lonliness.What is that called? sadistic?


like when i tell him my solo plans, he says no stay in concord, mass. stay there. 

Update 2:

thanks tc.

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    Not sure words some where around imprisoned. Some abusers do that. Sometimes they make the location isolated from others and they will isolate you from others and they will keep you there to abuse you. I had something similar to that I was imprisoned out in the middle of nowhere that I had no choice about going to. I was there for about four years before I escaped into homelessness then bounced back up. 

    Gaslighting is abuse. Remove yourself safely from that person when you can. Perhaps contact family to move in with till you get back on your feet and if need be snickily have the stuff you packed, ready and hiden so you can leave quickly when its safe to. In abuse situations dont be afraid of homelessness. Lots of myths about homelessness. The two largest reasons for homelessness is mental illness, escaping domestic or family violence. Homelessness is better then being abused. Trust me. Also once youve left go cold turkey on them, cut all contact. Change your sim card. The new place your staying at show the main people living around you (neighbours or homeless hostile workers) a photo and if they see them not to engage with them even calling the police.

    You mentioned gaselight to stay in the same loneliness. That is manipulation and controlling that is psychological abuse. Abusers like their victims isolated. Safety in numbers. If you try kick them out of the physical place remember if their stuff is there it means theyre coming back and they will try. Dont fall the lies and false excuses as to why their stuff is still. Its still there because they plan on coming back. The key to disrupting this is remove all of their belongings even if it results in ultimately have to chuck it in the bin. If it gets hard to do plan a day for them to grab their stuff call the police a head and ask for police involvement during that time organised to keep the peace. What ever is left after that just dump in the trash. The cops already saw them grab their stuff they cant make other claims.

    Also psychological abuse always comes befor physical abuse. Also psychological, emotional and verbal abuse are why they actually did that words do hurt campaign not of some simple negative words it was meant for types of abuse that werent physical 

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