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Okay serious answers please When does the Full moon Show the strongest at what time?

im planning on staying out by myself ( ust want to take pictures and stuff. Point is its not time problem.or like covid restrictions because i will be isolated thats why said that.  Like post leaving the public stuff that i want to do in the day time,I just want to take photos and truly enjoy this. simple question. tc.

i dont want to be sleeping in cocnord when the moon is FUll setting that what i meant. ( I take lyft this is serious)

No trolling please.

I never did anyting like this before and i dont have anyone to ask thats why .


like during 5-6 pm i want to be in the public. BUT i Want to Get the best photographs. I want something good from my year Lol.

No trolling please. thx.

Update 2:

thank you so much.

Please its embarassing but i have no clue

and im not a professional even if the moon is tiny i have common sense. just want to see it lol

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    This is going to depend a lot of information you didn't provide like where you are on Earth, your preference of where the moon is placed in the sky... earlier in the evening when the moon first "rises" it often appears brighter and larger than later on in the night when it's higher in the sky. 

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    I'm not sure if it's like this everywhere but you need to be somewhere up high. Higher than the surrounding landscape so you can see the horizon. When the full moon first starts to rise it's a blood red ball of light rising up into the night. As it rises higher into the sky it will slowly turn dark orange then yellow and finally white. Watching the moon rise is better than any sunset. Look up what time the moon rises online and plan to arrive at your destination before that time. Not sure if it's the pollution from the city around here in Georgia that makes it look red but I would imagine it can look like this just about anywhere. It might be hard to get it lined up perfectly when the full moon is rising at night. Sometimes it rises during the day because it rises 50 minutes later each day

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