Why can’t democrats find a better candidate than Joe Biden.?

There is nothing special about Joe Biden. Couldn’t they find a candidate that would energize people. Look who they nominated 4 years ago Hillary Clinton, she has such an unfriendly demeanor. 

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  • 4 months ago

    I find Joe an inspiration. He had crippling sad life where he lost his first love and child in an accident. When I think of loss. Good for Joe that he didn't let depression stop him. I see the strength that he was able to make it as far as he has despite his past. Alot of people I know probably wouldn't have gotten over it and would have let it run their life.

    He grew up as a stutterer, as somebody like him to take on public speech his entire career. He is inspiring to see you can get over a stutter but the stutter doesn't matter. There's no reason why I couldn't do public speech. He's also had 2 aneurysms, 1st impacted the part of his brain for speech. He shouldn't be able to speak but he does. He's a medical marvel. With a clean bill of health.

    I'm not agist. So I've seen the comment for people in their 70s running for President. I think Joe looks great in his 70s.

    I really like Joe as a person and as a politician. He talks to both people of the aisle in terms of Republicans and Democrats. He's been apart of many bipartisan deals. I don't see him as someone alienating parts of the country.  I like centrists because I believe that if anyone thinks their voice in government is threatened we'll see instability. I want a balanced government where all voices Liberal and Conservative are heard but most importantly people are not losing their rights. 

    Joe didn't grow up rich and I can see from his tax returns how he built his wealth. It's pretty transparent. 

    You don't have to like him. I do. Alot of the people who worked with him like Joe Biden. It's unfortunate political theatre has to drive people away.

    If it wasn't for political theatre. 

    Kayleigh McEnany referred to Biden as man of the people.

    Linsday Graham, a staunch Republican has said some very wonderful things about Biden


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    I want to see our country come together. I want to see our Republican and Democrat leaders getting along. I don't want Americans to hate each other based on politics. I think Biden will bring peace. Not everyone will accept it but he will make the first moves in an effort to get there. In contrast Trump, I see divisiveness and exclusion. You can like or dislike whoever you want but if you want to know the appeal of Biden. This is it. The morale in this country has become hateful on both side of the aisle. I'ts exhausting. I want things back the way they were before Trump. I was happier in Clinton, Bush's, and Obama's time. In Trump's Presidency, just the morale of this country that I get from both Liberals and conservatives makes me miserable. Everyone is just so hateful and angry. The amount of shi.t-talking I get from both side is too much. Under Obama, I only really hear Cons talk shi.t, under Bush I only heard Dems talk shi.t, during Clinton years I don't remember anyone talking shi.t. Now they do but now back then. Politics just has become too toxic under Trump. It's bad for everyone. I can't stand the political environment right now.

    This is an example that the theatre you see in politics isn't real. I just want the people in this country to be unified regardless of political party. But I see Trump as an enemy to unity.


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  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    The Democratic Party is self destructive. Was Biden really the "best of the bunch" to run in the Democratic Primaries? Well -- he's way TOO F'ing OLD to take the office of the President of the US at 78. Yeah, Trump is 74 but he can hurl the cheap insults with the best of them. How did the US get into the situation where two 70 year olds are the best that the US has to offer for the supreme leader?

    I'm not saying that I'm looking for a 35 year old to run for President, but a 70 some year old President is a sick joke.

  • ?
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    4 months ago

    I think it is because they are cursed. Seriously. Look at what they do to the unborn children, even the healthy ones. And look at their poopy cities, and the riots, rats, disease, everything. They are cursed, and we get to watch.

  • Dan
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    4 months ago

    During the primaries when questions were raised about his age and the Tara Reade allegations, Biden kept saying "if you're not sure, don't vote for me".  He said more than once: don't vote for me. Democrats still voted for him. 

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  • 4 months ago

    @Summertime. No I’m not special in the least but I’m not running for President 

  • 4 months ago

    LOL. You should talk?

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