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Does Moon Conjunct Saturn operate the same? Regardless of the sign?

Mine is in Pisces, my friend has the same conjunction but in Aquarius


What about Uranus? Lol still with the immature Uranus jokes?

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    This is a good question because it does show when the signs do matter as opposed to the continual insistence of placing too much emphasis on them (imo).

    The conjunction itself can be about needing to learn emotional self-sufficiency most likely from a very early age, and the habits that are then formed in the process. Depending on how the person deals with this can dictate perhaps how the person copes with their emotional life as an adult; it may be very hard for them to let people get close to them. What Saturn comes into contact with can be what we can most likely tend to wish we had in our life - the something that's hard to find or just never seems to come easily maybe.

    Pisces is about going with the flow, unconditional demands etc and Saturn here hates this sort of thing. Pisces here could lead to having fears of being alone, and isolation (especially at the moment), could cause anxiety. Compare this to Aquarius, where its aim may be to lead the person to a tendency to not mind being alone at all - maybe even lead some sort of solitary life, which then makes it hard for them to be sociable perhaps.

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    What's happening to Uranus?

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