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What is wrong with my back?

The issue is that the muscles on the right side of my back don't match the left side and the shoulder on my problem side hunches forward. 

I am an active 17 year old working as a farmhand so I do a lot of moving like lifting hay bales, pulling wagons, pushing wheelbarrows, slinging **** with a pitchfork, ect.

 I don't have any medical conditions.

This abnormal structure of my back caught the attention of my family recently, we looked up some possibilities and concluded it to be a scapular wing even though the images don't quite match. So I've tried some exercises to correct the problem, but there haven't been noticable results.

I am frustrated and worried it might get worse as I age older. Please help me figure out what this really is and what I can do about it. Even if it is a form of scapular wing.

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  • 1 month ago

    you have more developed muscles on the right side because you pull more with the right side, because you are right handed 

    Source(s): do more of your pulling work on the farm with your left arm
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