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What is this pain in my wrist/hand?

New factory job mostly shoving bags into boxes that barely fit them. Using primarily my right hand I woke up today barely able to raise or lower my hand without seizing in pain from the wrist and the back of my palm. Even gripping the steering wheel of my car simply hurts.

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  • Damien
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    4 weeks ago

    its early stages or indicators of symptom of carpel tunnel syndrome, happens from doing the same thing over and over again like typing on a keyboard or shoving bags into boxes repeatedly. It happened to me in a factory job making boxes using a machine that automatically tapes the box, problem was this involved repeating the same motion over and over. I wanted to tape te boxes by hand but they be like "use technology to improve your work". When they did a scan of my wrist and hand, carpel tunnel syndrome didnt show up in the report so doc said try not to do activities involving repeated motions.9 years later, i have to wear a rubber band around my hand inorder to type or else feels like some nerve is trying to junmp out of my hand.U should quit that factory job and look for something that doesnt involve straining your hand, if u keep it up, this could indeed turn into carpel tunnel syndrome, if u stop the symptoms will fade away slowly. 

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