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My 65 y/o mom called me at my job to ask if I’m on my way to her house, but it was a Saturday — my day off.  Is that a sign of mild dementia?

Keep in mind she was obviously aware that it would only take me a 15-minute drive to get to her house.  Therefore, she knew I was either HOME or was just leaving HOME when she called me at WORK to wonder if I’m on her way to her house.  So I don’t think she forgot what day it was, and instead still remembered that it’s Saturday and I’m home.  FYI, she called me at work TWICE (on two different Saturdays that I was on my way to her house from my house).  Assuming she has dementia, is the condition similar to dyslexia — perceives things differently when she reads them?  I was was wondering because my home # and work # are entered in her phone’s contacts as “home” and “work.”  When she read the word “work,” did dementia cause her to think it said “home”?  Also, my job’s area code, while she and I have the same HOME area code.  So how could she mix the two more than once? This is really disturbing, especially when I went back to work on Monday and noticed on my call log that she called me that Saturday.  Please help,


TYPO: my job’s area code is different from my home’s area code.

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    Stress, fear and anxiety can sometimes cause forgetfulness and confusion for some people not every person will have the same symptoms of early stages of dementia. It's best not to confront your mom at this time because it might frighten her instead begin to record it and if needed do your own self home testing. For instance, go visit your mom if you can and tell her that you're leaving for work and have her call in 20 minutes but go to another room. This will test her cognitive behavior and memory. If she doesn't do it than I would take her to the hospital and get her checked out for any possible blockage in her brain. As you are there in the home for 20 minutes you can also observe her behavior making sure she's being safe. I do not know if she lives alone but inform the rest of the family members if they are there to help participate in this testing. Remember do not get alarmed if it is in fact early stages of dementia. She's 65 and that's pretty young so I would be more cautious with what she does and if possible I would suggest getting medical advice just to be on the safe side. Be strong for your mom as this will be difficult for her and other family members. I went through it with my dad when he was about 86 but he never knew it until I had to say something to my stepmom. He eventually had it full blown when he was about 91. All you can do is be patient and go with the flow of it. It will have good and bad days of it. With my dad I just went with the flow of his conversations. I never correct him. That's one thing you never do is correct them. My dad could be talking about his sister who passed away years ago and I would just go along with it. I would say oh, yeah, I saw her the other day and she's doing good. Some do not know how to deal with dementia. Some do have outburst of anger or temper tantrums. This would be a good time to get all the support you can.

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