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If a local surgeon has a salary of $400 000, what is the likely salary of his resident?


400k is average where I live

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    Anywhere from $61k to $120k.  It's important to note most surgeons that make that kind of money are not collecting a traditional "salary," but get are getting paid directly based on how many surgeries they are completing and often are responsible for their own billing and collections.  As such it can take years of not only surgical experience, but years of building business relationships to establish a consistent flow of patients to achieve such a high income.  On top of that you have your own liability insurance expenses and etc.   As a resident you not only don't have the experience, but you don't have the business relationships\ownerships either.  

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    "His" resident?  Surgeons don't "have" residents.  Residents are M.D.'s in training.  They work for hospitals, not for individuals.

    Wonder what HER resident would be paid?

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