A1C Vs.  Fasting Blood Sugar Basic Metabolism Panel Test For Diabetes ?

I recently went for BMP test and I didn't fast for full 12 hours as indicated in the form. It was more in the 10 hour range. My A1C level is 5.6, however fasting blood sugar is 101. Am I Prediabetic or should I confirm with more tests? 


Thank you all for your input and suggestions. I'd try to incorporate the changes suggested in my life. Glad that I asked the question on this platform. 

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  • Shay
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    1 month ago
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    You could request a glucose tolerance test.  But the A1C level indicates that you are not yet pre-diabetic.

    But, the fact that you are on the high side of both tests does indicate that you might be going in that direction sometime in the next few years.

    I agree with the answer suggesting making some changes now to try to avoid the issue.

    Personally, I made a few small changes several years ago and it has made a huge difference.  The biggest change I made was to change what I drink.  I stopped drinking things with carbohydrates.  I only drink diet choices or flavored water.  No carbohydrates in my drinks.  I also cut back on the amount of bread that I eat.  I have never been diagnosed as diabetic or even prediabetic but my sister was diagnosed as diabetic (only one in the family), so I started making a few changes to try to reduce the risks I could control the easiest.  

  • 1 month ago

    You are over emphasizing the worth of one test over other indicators such as weight, exercise level, age and family history for diabetes. 

    If you are at risk based on those factors above then you should lose weight and exercise right now rather than wait for a test to tell you you are abnormal. 

    In other words change your lifestyle right now rather than using an abnormal test result to motivate you to change because lifestyle changes are difficult you need to start now. If you wait too long then the odds of you changing are not good.

    People often become prediabetic which means that if nothing is done to intervene then they eventually become diabetic. In other words they often do nothing or don't change and eventually become diabetic. They get used to it and when they become diabetic they don't care what they eat and don't care about exercise because they say they have the medication to take care of that.

    When they are told to take better control over their sugar levels they often give up and would rather suffer the consequences of out of control blood sugar levels such as eye sight or limb amputations as quite common. They just can't change their lifestyle. 

    In order to prevent that complacency you need to do something now and that is change your lifestyle gradually for the better one day at a time. 

    Being overweight is not good regardless if you have prediabetes, diabetes or not. It's for your own good. 

    If your next blood sugar level turns out to be under 100 you will probably ignore everything I said and won't alter anything but keep in mind that as you get older the worse it becomes with regards to glucose tolerance control that's why it's called late onset diabetes. They weren't born with it and never had it as teenagers and more importantly did nothing to prevent it from happening. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Consider your first test invalid.

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