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What are some tips for microdosing on a weed vape pen?

I am really wanting to take it slow, as I’m getting back into weed after a long time off and a couple of bad trips, and wanting to microdose my new vape with ideally 1–3mg THC doses to just get some relaxation effects and a small hint of a calm high. Here are the numbers for the pen I just purchased (from a reputable dispensary), please let me know if I did my weed math correctly lol and if anyone has additional tips:

.5g Indica dominant cartridge


CBD 45.80%

THC 21.26%

With these percentages, I calculate that the cartridge has a total of 229mg CBD and 106mg THC, and I’ve heard you get 50–150 puffs from .5g if you do smaller 1–2 second puffs, so I am hoping then that a ~1–2 second pull will yield ~1–2mg THC dose per puff. Does this all sound accurate or am I missing something? Any other tips? I will keep the temp and airflow low to begin as well. I also heard that it is less potent to puff in the mouth then inhale as oppose to directly inhaling into lungs, is this true? Again, looking to start off as small as possible with this then build up from there. Thanks!

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