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Do you think they’ll care?

I’m really close to my roommates mom. Both her parents love me but I just have more interaction with her mom. We were on FaceTime with her the other day and she was out shopping and saying she wanted to get stuff for our Christmas tree.

The problem is that I am going back home next week until 2021 because my parents are coming up to get me. I don’t think my roommate told her mom because she’s talking about our Christmas tree and I lowkey feel bad that I won’t be at our apartment for around Christmas time since I am leaving a few days after the election. 

I partially don’t feel bad though because she goes home almost every weekend and I stay here by myself. She’ll go home for a whole 7 days sometimes and leave me here by myself and I don’t have a car or anything. Which is fine because she’s not responsible for me, that better just mean I shouldn’t feel bad when I leave her by herself.

She has a boyfriend and I’m sure she’ll invite people over. But do you think her mom will care that I’m leaving for so long?

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    No, she wont care and if she has a problem with it, she is mentally unstable. She is a grown woman with lots of life experience and understands you have your own family and besides, she has definitely learned by now that things dont always go according to plan. Just tell her "I've got great news! I get to go home to see my family for _________ weeks! I miss them so much and they said they would even come get me this weekend. I'm so surprised. I guess they miss their little girl too! I wont be back until______. Yet, I really enjoy talking to you, so if it'a okay with you, I'd like to stay in touch over the holiday break."

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    Her Mom might try to talk your roommate into coming "back home" for the holidays but other than that, I wouldn't think it'll particularly impact her emotionally. Wish her a wonderful Holiday Season and share that you'll be with your family. Talk to your roommate about it first so you aren't contradicting her somehow. 

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