Can anyone help me to be able to breeze through 20 page essay papers that a lot of people I know are able to . I ask but nobody tells me . ?

How should the body paragraphs be set up . What are tips to be able to write and sound like I am not going on a rabbit trail 

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  • 3 months ago

    Writing is a matter of organization.  A well-written piece has a logic to it, a path that it leads the reader down.  Each sentence is a step, and a few sentences together make a paragraph. 

    The paragraph is itself like the sentence, in that it is about the same particular ideas as in each sentence. Everything in a paragraph ought to relate to the rest of the paragraph somehow.  When it doesn't, it is usual to put it in another, separate paragraph.

    Each paragraph tends to complement the prior paragraph, so you end up with a section that is all about a larger subject.  A paper has several different sections, each concentrating on particular aspects of the larger discussion.

    So, you go through it in an order that is dictated by the material itself. Start with the basic or general ideas, and then discuss the various different, more specific parts.

    Even paragraphs tend to work that way, starting with a general statement and following with details.

    A lot of people find that making an outline first is very useful in developing the paper in total.  The outline gives you the roadmap that you want to follow with actual words, in effect.  The outline is basically a summary of the material as you want to divide it into sections, and subsections.  This is how you avoid jumping all over the place. Each thing has its own section where it belongs.

    Normally, longer papers start with a general overview (what you are going to talk about), and end with a general summary (the main ideas that you just gave).  So, start with "I will tell you this, in general, then tell it, then end it with I told you this, briefly but specifically".

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