What should I do following a interview status update?

I had a interview last week for a position I really am interested in. The interview seemed to go well. The hiring manager made comments like can she check my references now and I have great experience. But after checking in on my status I’m not feeling so get because she replied with they are still reviewing other candidates. Does this mean I most likely didn’t get the job or they have to interview other people? She didn’t say when I should hear but just thank you for reaching out. Also what should I do next? Should I respond? Should I ask when should I hear back? Should I say nothing and maybe wait another week to check in? I don’t want to seem like a pest but I do want to come off as eager. 

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    3 months ago
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    There are only 2 things for you to do: 1) send a simple thank you note to the person who interviewed you, and 2) continue your job searching until someone presents you with an offer that is acceptable to you (always assume you didn't get the job until you get an offer, and keep searching, applying and interviewing).

    As for what it means, it could mean a lot of things, most of them have nothing to do with you.  Some possibilities come to mind:

    * They are undecided about two or more really strong candidates

    * They have preliminary approval to select candidates but not formal approval to fill the roll, so they themselves are stuck waiting (this one is most likely the case)

    * They did not feel you were the best candidate

    * They are just so busy that they haven't had a chance to make a decision

    * You are back filling a position where the departing person hasn't left yet and they are extending the time that person stays in the role

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    You can contact them after a week or so. 

    And in the meantime, keep looking

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    3 months ago

    If you hear from them again they want you. If not, take the hint.

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