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i cussed out a teacher for pissing me off and i dont want to go back to school, what do i do?

basically i got in trouble cause my hair "wasn't tied up properly", even though it was, there were just some parts at the front sticking out but they were completely out of my face. i got sent to detention but i thought it was stupid so i went to the office to complain. no one said my hair wasn't tied up probably other than one teacher, but as soon as that teacher pointed it out everyone else agreed somehow? they told me to fix my hair or go to detention so i left and went to the bathrooms to skip. this does seem like an overreaction but i push a lot of hair to the front of my face for a reason. im insecure about my face cause i think its kinda wide and also my hairline is extremely terrible so i need a thick amount of hair to hide it, but obviously im not going to reveal my weakness to them. then a teacher came into the bathroom and told me not to skip and stuff. she then told me to go to detention or she would call my parents to pick me up. usually i would be fine with getting picked up but my father got angry at me for being sick recently so if i went home he would get me in trouble so i told them they were not doing that. then they started following me around the school threatening me with that and acting like im dumb or whatever. i was already having a bad day so i snapped and cussed them out before grabbing my bag and leaving. you aren't allowed to leave school without parent permission tho so im gonna get in more trouble. i have seriously had the worst month :(


i cant fix my hair how they want, it would show 2 of my insecurities. instead of insulting me maybe try to understand what its like to be forced to show something you hate about urself. saying im an entitled baby shows that you only think from your own views, and grouping me into your assumptions is also quite stupid. yes, its bad to cuss out people but i believe that what i did was what anyone would do if u consider the past month, kindly shove ur penis in a blender sir barry.

Update 2:

to everyone being reasonable about this (aka not barry), thank you. while nothing completely helpful has showed up im still really thankful for your advice, i hope you all have a wonderful month

Update 3:

i have decided to just cut my hair short so i dont have to deal with the school, i have split ends anyway and short hair is super cute 

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    Excel is performance areas so minor regulations can be over-looked.  

  • 1 month ago

    I thought schools weren’t open

  • donnie
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    1 month ago

    Serve the detention unless your kicked out of school go to school. Stop crying like a little bitty baby every time you get into trouble 

  • 1 month ago

    What do you do? Well, it sounds like you know that in this particular class you have to have your hair out of the way and out of your face, so, simple solution would be to follow that protocol for that class and move on with your life.You are absolutely right that this was stupid situation that was blown way out of proportion, but the issue is with you rather than the teacher. Perhaps your parents would be open to looking into online options for school?

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  • 1 month ago

    Sit down and have a conversation with your parents, tell them what you've told us.  Your stress will go poof.

  • Barry
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    You are your own worst enemy. Do you think life after school will be easier? Because it's not, it's harder. You acted like an entitled baby. Because of that you have created more problems for yourself. All you were asked to do was tidy your hair. Big deal. It's a shame you can't cope with school like al the other kids. If you have a grain of sense you will return to school and give them a full apology saying it won't happen again. Or you can carry on making life hard for yourself. Your choice.

  • 1 month ago

    You should of fixed you hair when the other people gave you a chance.

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