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Who else finds cherry barbs shy, hiding all the time, and boring? They dont even breed?

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I have 9 of them in 29 gallon tank: 3 males, 6 females. They are calm but mine are always out and about. They are very inquisitive: if anything happens inside or outside the tank, they investigate... to see if its edible. They are notorious food hogs.  My males are intense red, the females are very orange with dark brown patterns. They from a whole in a wall fish store, so commercial strain, nothing special.

    Plants cover 2/3 of my tank: various cryptocorynes, a bunch of Nymphoides hydrophylla 'Taiwan' (leaves left floating on the surface which provides shade) and floating Riccia.

    If your fish behave any differently, it suggests a problem with your setup: bad water quality, keeping too few of the same species, wrong environment (not enough plants, too birght light, too bright light substrate etc.)

    As Noselessman said, they need specific conditions to breed. I don't see this as a problem at all. If a fish breeds readily in tap water, it creates a surplus of fry, that can't be rehomed ethically: everyone who wanted them, has them already. So what are you going to do with the fry?

  • 1 month ago

    You need to keep about 8 in at least a 20 gallon at 75-80 degrees farenheight.  There should be hiding places available.  And they should do well.  Most tropical fish need very specific conditions to breed, they are not likely to breed in normal tank settings.

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