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33 and no real friends or relationships. What's wrong with me that everyone leaves or just cuts me out so easy? ?

Feel more alone now then I've ever felt. Everyone i know has best friends, close family and support etc. But me i have none of that. Its just me and my kids. No one could care less if I was dead tomorrow.

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    Maybe you stay connected in the relationship longer than the time to end the relationship which was much earlier. So, you experience it as them leaving you when it was already fleeting. People come and go. Loss and longing are the human experience, no human being escapes this. Focus on increasing your social circle with people who share the same interests as you. Do u know what you like? Do u have a hobby? Do u like exercise? Being outdoors? Hiking, playing volleyball, or a male and female sport? Drawing? Wine tasting? The only way ton have friends is to make them. So, Google some activities in your area and see what you find. Go solo and while there introduce yourself. See if you can give your number to someone you get on with. If its a regular like weekly meetup you go to, your sure to make friends. How do u feel about yourself? If you radiate unworthiness, people will treat you accordingly. Think, I am awesome. I am happy. People will love being friends with me. Are you outgoing? Do u smile? Can you keep a conversation going by asking follow up questions when someone shares something. Do u have your own stories to share? Do u smell okay...not too perfumey? Are your clothes ones that show you care about your appearance...stylish, clean, not wrinkled or no stretched out tshirts? Is your hair trimmed and nice? Regardless of what fairness says, your appearance sends a message and people will act accordingly. If you look like u dont care about yourself, other people wont either. Meanwhile, your at the age range where life happens. Many people lose friends do to marriage, children, moves, and work. This happens. This is why we continue to stay connected to society as this loss will only get greater as you get much older. So, you stay connected to society by increasing your social circle and always making new friends and associates. It doesnt sound like u were too excited or emotionally connected to the friends who arent around anyway. So, lets get out and make some friends you have common interests and beliefs with. Even the act of being social and going out, even if you dont make a connection that day, does well for our social needs. 

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    Welcome to my world 

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    You have to be a friend to have friends. You have to reach out to people and inquire about their health issues, if they mention something or follow up on a conversation you had with them. You share some of your life as well. Having a few positive connections is healthy. 

    Generally being positive with people is a good thing. You never know how beneficial your interactions can be to someone who is feeling 'down'.

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    Your kids would care.

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  • 1 month ago

    That's not true. You do matter. This stupid Corona is giving you thoughts like this. We all are alone in this world. I know hoe you feel. Sometimes I also think like this. But it's just the thoughts. You need to be strong. You need to open about how you feel to anyone you consider close. You can overcome this. Be strong you

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