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If you are Buddhist or Hindu what are you working toward?

As I understand Nirvana, I will be attributed into Brahma (in Brahmaloka) then be received by Ishvara.  (Ishvara is the Absolute, manifestation of Lord Brahma and Saraswati in Union) then enter Nirvana.

  I believe each person's liberation or Nirvana is unique.  My liberation from this universe, my Nirvana, will be me entering my own Universe where I am Brahma.  I call my Nirvana, Pure Land, or my own Universe, Shafraloka

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    What you have written may have something to do with the Hindu religion but it has nothing to do with Buddhism.  Keep in mind that the two practices are not the same and the names of them cannot be used interchangeably.  Buddhists do not believe in entering their own universe or having their own universe or becoming Brahma.  

    The goal of a practicing Buddhist is to reach full enlightenment.  This is done with sincere and long-term meditation practice over a period of years and with the help of a meditation teacher.  Enlightenment is enlightenment.  You don't get to have your own personal one.  There is no "my" to it.  

    There are numerous sources on the internet that can help you learn about Buddhism if you wish to, so I won't bother you with that sorts of information.  Anyway, there are many different schools of Buddhism, so you would need to choose which one you were most interested in first.  However, a good place to start would be to take a ten day meditation retreat at a reputable meditation center.  If you are in the United States, I would recommend Spirit Rock in California or the Insight Meditation Society in Massachusetts.  There are no retreats available at this time, but once the pandemic is over, you could no doubt register for a basic retreat and find out a little more about Buddhism that way.  Or you could pursue Hinduism if that is your interest.  


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