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I'm head cheerleader with unexpected passions?

Everyone automatically stereotypes me to be a massive snob and ditz head! 

(I actually love math and science and am a straight A student)

But it takes all the geeks and all the other people not on my squad a really long time to get to know the real me. They just assume that I'm a dumb blonde and don't even bother speaking to me.

How can I get people to see the real me, while still continuing to do what I love - (cheerleading) how can I change the stereotype or at least show them that it doesn't apply to everyone?????

Any advice?? 

Thanks in advance!!


Thank you Anonymous for your answer!!

Chris n. You're right as well!

Thanks for the advice!!

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    I think that the best thing that you can do is to keep being yourself and not give into everyone's expectations for you to live up to the stereotype. Furthermore, do not try and justify yourself as that will give people the impression that you have something to hide. If you can remain true to yourself then eventually people will begin to believe that your personality is so much more meaningful that what everyone is making it out to be. Lastly, try and be as affable and friendly as possible; doing that will make people feel that they can approach you and eliminate the view that you are arrogant and aloof. I really hope this helps :)

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    Why bother?  Marilyn Monroe was bright and intelligent but made a fortune out of being a dumb blonde.  You call the others on your squad 'geeks' so you aren't that bothered about them anyway - why worry what they think of you.  Just be the very best cheerleader ever and when someone wants to know you better they will approach you.  You aren't obliged to lay all your cards on the table to all and sundry.  It's not your business to educate others and it's none of their business what you are like inside.  Ignore the sterotype business.  Intelligent people don't assume that cheerleading is a dimbo's occupation.  You really enjoy doing it.  Carry on regardless and show your other qualities to people elsewhere.

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