Why is abortion necessary when to could keep your legs closed ladies and men their zipper up or use one of the thousands of contretemps ?


Abortion is still murder and I could probably obliterate all those points but this ain’t going to turn into a chat post. Also don’t report me I do this because I have had people get angry at me before for choosing favorite answers for opposing sides Yahoo. Therefore I explain a bit because I get points back... I might as well it’s not like anyone else is going to answer 

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  • T-half
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    4 weeks ago
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    Birth control pills don't always work.  

    Husbands/boyfriends don't always take no for an answer.

    Condoms fall off or rip.

    Irresponsible people should not be parents.

    Drug addict's, boozers, mental ill mom's could harm babies. 

    Abortion should be limited for first 2 months, unless the health of mom or baby is at risk. 

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