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I don’t want to live anymore ?

In July of this year I moved to Arizona for a fresh start in life and to be with my family. Ever since I got here things have not been going good for me. I’ve had trouble with my car, it was transported here and when I received it it was leaking brake fluid. After I get that fixed it starts over heating and leaking coolant. Get this fixed and it still leaked fluid and was still overheating. Haven’t had any more problems as of yet. I had a job with an agency when I got here everything was fine until the facility I was going to stopped using agency. After this the agency didn’t have much hours for me and I got behind on rent for the month of September. I found a full time job in Mesa started September 1st. The workload was heavy, I felt I didn’t get paid enough ($15.80), never clocked out on time, didn’t take my breaks, employees tested positive for covid, I didn’t get paid holiday pay (worked Labor Day) and I didn’t get paid overtime (25hours overtime). I ended up quitting. I found another job at a hospital working three days a week (12hour shifts) but I’m still behind on my rent. I had $4000 saved when I got here and now it’s gone smh. I don’t know how I let this happened I feel like such a failure. I just want to give up

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  • Pearl
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    1 month ago

    maybe you should get some counseling if you feel that way

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    thats bad . but i think u shud contact that company's headquarters or write a letter and show the clippings of the work situation, and the hours extra u worked. this is important. u must be compensated.

    i understand. I cant live either. Feel completly Ready to leave this Damn life and family, and reach a new horizon with a guy. But I dont know how to find him and be humble at the same time. Not to take him for granted, more opportunity zone wise, but still its hard, like when i dont deserve his comradeship or understand my unintentional desperation. but im finished here. 

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