Are teen girls submissive to there dad and boyfriend? *READ MORE DETAILS SO I EXPLAIN WHAT I MEAN*?

i have autism and i have good ideas that i need u to understand before u read the words.Dont literally mean teen girls submit to there dad and boyfriend cuz obviously they dont they have there own agency there own ideas there own opinions there own desires there own wants there own dislikes there own everything This question is more about males than it is about females. and it is not judging females, only males. and not males in particular,just the subjects of the question.

dont take this personally or anything like that,not a personal question a thought experiment to help me figure things out that are difficult. girls want a boyfriend, right? they like boys, they feel for boys, natural stuff. nothing wrong with that here. i think boys and girls have feeling for eachother romantic sexual, girls more emotional creatures but wer all humans. most guys intimidate girls boyfriends, because "they remember how they were at that age." so this kinda puts girls in a weird place, doesnt it?so she has a teenage boy friend.hes nice. hes a good Guy. its going fine.nothing wrong on either part. say she has another one. he is nice, but also manipulative.just want to touch her.but she feels she has to give everyone a chance.Not submissive at all,just her perspective on things.her dad scares him with a shotgun, she gets all embarrased but decides thats just what dads do.hugs her bf. so now shes accomadating both her bf and will grow up to be an intimidating dad too. 

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  • 1 month ago

    I think you are taking a cultural stereotype at face value. All people are individuals. Sure, there are some men out there who act psychotic and pull shotguns on their daughter's boyfriends. But even in that specific situation, the daughter and the boyfriend are also individuals. The daughter might be the kind of person who would fight her father, or maybe she's afraid of him. Same with the boyfriend. Ultimately, you cannot possibly predict down to the letter how three people you do not know will act.

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