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How do YOU fight with your partner? What are the typical argument-styles in a relationship?

Are your arguments MOSTLY: 

A) Angry and sometimes violent (throwing stuff ect)B) Involve a lot of crying.C) Shouting angrily and loudly.D) Calm talking but irritated stern voices and maybe angry faces.E) Stern voice and lots of arm gesturing (perhaps viciously) and stomping around.F) Completely calm. G) Other (please explain)

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    During arguments and explosive fights, my ex-husbands face would turn bright red, he would scream at me so loud that his rage face and screaming voice still haunts me even though we are no longer together, I feel like I can still hear him screaming at me. He would throw things at me and throw things across the room. He destroyed so many of my belongings that meant so much to me, things that can't be replaced. He hit the walls and the doors which left giant holes, he hit me, he beat me, and he started crying when I broke down crying on the floor, and he told me that if I hadn't made him angry, he wouldn't have had to hurt me. I lost count of the number of times I had to go to the hospital afterwards, his family and mine didn't know what was really going on at home. The only way out of an abusive relationship or marriage is if you are the one who leaves them because an abusive person will never leave you if they fear abandonment and are attached to you in an unhealthy way.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I will never get mad enough to throw things or be passive aggressive. It’s mostly just my emotions getting the best of me and me ranting until I feel seen and heard. Which I’m working on! It’s no one else’s fault I feel that way when things go sideways or south. I want to learn to approach things that bother me with some maturity and grace. Other people DO deserve to resolve things calmly. Doesn’t matter about being right or wrong, but to make things a bit better or to come to an agreement of some sort 

  • donnie
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    1 month ago

    All of that happens it depends on the situation and people in the relationship. 

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