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Guilt sending child to school?

Hi I am looking after my nephew for my sister. He got up for school today and said he really didn't feel good. 

Me: Are you sick?Him: No, but I feel very unwell and I feel like I could possibly become sick throughout the day.Me: If you feel genuinely unwell, you should stay.Him: I am staying. Me: Are you sure?Him: Okay, I am going. Me: Why did you change your mind like that?Him: You made me feel guilty.Me: I am just trying to help, I am sorry.Him: I feel a bit unwell but in the past I went to school and felt better again...but I feel kinda worse this time, so I don't know if I would feel better this time.Me: Look I don't know how you feel so I can't make this decision for you.Him: I don't know. What should I do?Me: I don't know, you will probably feel better after sometime, take it easy and let the teachers know how you are feeling and you can always go and come back if you feel bad. I don't want you getting in trouble with teachers or your mum.As we were discussing this the time was getting later and he was getting stressed that he was going to get told off by teachers for being late. Eventually he went but looked extremely miserable...and then he started texting me saying he feels so so unwell and is thinking of turning back and coming home...I do not know if he feels a little tiny bit unwell (as you can sometimes getting up so early) and just doesn't feel like going to school or if he is actually getting a real sickness coming on...and now I feel SO guilty. 


I am from a country where life is relatively normal because our coronavirus count is extremely extremely low so COVID-19 is a bit irrelevant to my situation, Donnie, but thanks! :)

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  • Pearl
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    1 month ago

    he can always see the nurse if hes sick

  • donnie
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    1 month ago

    Schools are prisons right now with masks and social distancing and all the things they are doing. I would look into their COVID-19 precautions some of them depending on where you are might shock you or it might be a good school n

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