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I don’t know what to think of this situation. Please help! ?

So, recently I started hanging out with this guy. Things went well at first, as usual, and then people start to display their natural colors. He will come over when I don’t ask him to come over. I tell him I want to be by myself tonight, as after all, COVID has put a damper on a lot of friendships and I have gotten used to being by myself. I work about sixty hours a week, typically. With my second job, he tries to prevent me from doing it most week nights and weekends. I want to get my bills paid off. He will criticize me on how I say things (verbiage), do things (cleaning, etc.), and how I live my lifestyle. Nobody asked for your input and I sure as heck didn’t. We will watch a movie, but we agreed to let the other pick every other. I wanted to watch a movie the other night and instead, he sulked through the whole movie and said I had to consider him. What? Then last night, he came over and I didn’t want him to come (again)! I said no and he came in anyways. Could have called the cops, but didn’t. He took the trash out to be nice, but never locks his own door at his house and forgot to at mine. Someone broke into the house and I woke up from my sleep to find an African-African male standing above me. When I tried to wake him, he didn’t even move. Fine. Whatever. Chewed his *** in he morning and he said I always blame him for everything. 🤦🏻‍♀️ And that he never expects me to change, but that’s how it feels like, but on his terms. Idk what to do. 

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    If you are not trolling. Kick his butt to the curb, do not allow him into your place, break all contact with him. tell him in the last message to him, that you no longer want him to contact you, and keep it as proof he has been told this. If he bothers you after that, start calling the police. They will cure your problem with him. He is sick.

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