Is this sound natural?  The content is irrelevant but I need to use big word and complex sentences.?

It is extremely important to us to improve the safety of living so that people could have a better and happy life. I suggest ethic education in both at home and school would decrease the amount of criminals.

There is a fundamental query, “why do people commit crimes?” The first assumption I conceive is a loss of common sense of morals. In today’s world, globalised society has numerous humankind that have a great deal of dissimilar background. This means each of us has a unique idea and belief, judgement, point of view and attitude. For instance, littering rubbish is just normal and nobody cares in some developing country so that is not prohibited, on the other hand, most developed countries especially in urban areas forbid dumping on the street and public spaces. A person who is from another country or has poor ethic education does not share the same idea like most citizen’s share in the city. He or she lives how they live as before, raising their children as they grew, the offspring behave the way their parents do. To abolish this vicious circle, ethic education in society is relevant. This example might be an extreme logic, however, that present difficulty of diversity.

In conclusion, moral education is the key to deal with enlarging offenses in many countries. Arresting culprits and reporting that on TV may decrease the amount of crimes, but there is much important things, once and for all, ethic education is indispensable.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I has a boss once who had been promoted beyond his abilities, so he thought he should use 'big words' to impress people  But he used them wrongly, so we, his staff, used to laugh behind his back.

    Your text is also inclined in that way and may big words and even some medium-level words are used wrongly.

    There is not time for me totally to rewrite that piece for you, and there would be no point in my doing so, since it would only be a very small contribution to helping you write in a formal but understandable way.

    Let's put it this way - every time I read your piece I fall about laughing.  It seems that you have swallowed a dictionary and regurgitated it in large undigested chunks.

    One clue: 'ethical' is the adjective, not 'ethic'.  In 70 years of using English in Britain and Australia I have never come across 'ethic'.

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