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I’m 21. My oldest sister died in a car accident 5 years ago. My other sister is determined to kill herself.?

Some background: I’m 21 years old as of June this year. My oldest sister was 24 when she died in 2015 from drinking and driving. She has a current 9 year old kid who is my whole life. I see so much of her within him. My other sister is now 24 of this year and has had a huge tough time getting past the death of our oldest sister. The sister that is still alive now has a two year old kid who is so smart and lovable. The sister that’s still alive, I’ll call her “B”, has gained a drinking a drug problem. She’s addmited she has full intentions to kill herself and nothing we seem to say gets to her at all. She will drink and take drugs while also driving around with her kid, which our parents have made the decision to take from her. B has been in the ER 3 times this month. She’s totaled two cars almost killing herself, though thank god her child has been at day care both those times. It seems to me she is romanticizing having a similar death to our oldest sister. How do I deal with this again so my family dosnt make the same mistakes we made with our oldest sister. She is not willing to admit herself to any hospital and refuses to share her medical records with us. I’m scared to go through this all over again, someone please give me real advice instead of just saying you feel sorry for me. Thank you so much..

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    maybe she should get some counseling if she feels that way

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    Your parents getting custody of the 2 year old is a must and will be one less worry. Nothing you can do about "B" but pray. You should be in a support group to help with your grief over you other sister. The Compassionate Friends is a worldwide support group for families who have lost a child or sibling of any age from any cause at any time. Compassionatefriends.org 

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