If you play any kind of games can you answer this for my school research ?

Answer these questions 

1. How many hours do you play a week?

2. Why do you play these games?

3. Why did you start playing these types of games

4. Do you feel some social connection by playing these games? If so please describe.

5. Do you feel like you learn something from playing these games? If so what?

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  • 2 weeks ago

    1. 60+

    2. I game competitively. 

    3. My little bro lives on the opposite side of the country, and I never talked to him. He's a gamer, and played FPS's, so I bought an xbox and a headset, and we'd play and shoot the **** for hours. 

    4. Yes. I'm subbed to a streamer, and I joined his YT channel, and when he opened a discord server to play with his subscribers, everyone who watched his streams joined the server and now we all talk and game, and are planning a meet up. 

    5. Yes. Hand eye coordination, teamwork, problem solving, customer service, etc. 

    Source(s): Me, I am the ultimate authority on myself.
  • 3 weeks ago

    1. 30+

    2. Because I can

    3. I like them

    4. No

    5. I learn they are an excellent way to relax

  • 3 weeks ago

    1. About 10-20 hours

    2. It makes me happy, takes stress off, I don't have anything better to do.

    3. My friends introduced me to them.

    4. I can connect to other gamers very well, because we can talk for hours about games.

    5. Of course, I know my reaction time is much better then that of a non gamer, quick decision making, calming your self down in a stressful situation.

  • 3 weeks ago

    1. It depends on how busy I am that week 10-30 maybe

    2. For fun. It's a form of interactive entertainment. 

    3. My friends at school where playing games online. I decided I wanted to play with them.

    4. Yes I'm able to chat to many people, that I would of never had the opportunity to without playing games online.

    5. Maybe sometimes. I feel like i develop skills such as fast reaction times more than anything.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    1. 24hrs+

    2. its better than watching tv.

    3.their fun.


    5. no , its just a pass time for me.

  • 3 weeks ago

    1- less than 10 hours

    2- pass the time away

    3- came across them randomly, they looked interesting so I gave them a try

    4- I don't do social interaction anymore. People are just too crazy these days and covid-19 makes it even more dangerous.

    5- I just play to relax and unwind and for enjoyment. Not looking for anything else out of gaming other than that.

  • 1 month ago

    1. 10-20 hours a week 

    2. Entertainment, same reason I watch TV and read books 

    3. I started playing in the 1970s when my dad had Pong & an Apple computer, so video games have always been part of my life, just like movies, tv, books, music, etc. 

    4. I feel a social connection when I stream games and/or play co-op games, when other people are involved. I don't think I feel a "social" connect to the games themselves. I do feel connected to various fan communities (people who love to play Skyrim, Fallout, God of War, etc) and have made a lot of friends through games. 

    5. I've learned how to play them, which takes some skill in hand-eye coordination, aiming, timing, time management, strategy, communication (in multiplayer games), logic, observation skills. I've learned a lot about the video game industry. Some games have moral decisions and other choices, so I learn things about myself. 

  • 1 it varies  a lot,   10-40 hrs

    2    why?, why do peep watch telly, or radio, or board game, or outdoor activity etc etc....because i enjoy it...

    3  well i was about 5-6,  it was a refreshing change from all these other things and it was reatively  new, and unlike western cultures biggest past-time,  video games are interractive

    4   not sure what you mean, i have people who i enjoy playing the games with, mainly because they play fair and with a more relaxed ambience, which is prob why i play online some of the time, as well as that o outsmart a human is almost always more interesting than outsmarting the ai

    5  doesn't matter what i feel,  video games are known and proven to excercise the mind, they are known depending on how well theinterractive game experience is developed and written  ..to get you to think and understand better all sorts on concepts, that without visual reference , would be very difficult to otherwise...

  • 1 month ago

    1. About 30, probably

    2. Enjoyment and relaxation

    3. I watched my Father play the first Uncharted, thought it was cool and gave it a go.

    4. I do not like social interactions.

    5. Morals are learnt, and I can release my pent-up anger through them.

    Hope this helps!

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