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My anxiety is affecting my grades, what can i do?

I'm a high school senior. For about 10 days I've just been unable to go to school and even at home I cant do my assignments without having panic attacks.

 I started crying at school one morning for no reason, and went home because I couldn't stop. That day I got set back on so many assignments and my stress has been building up since then. I tried going back multiple times but I start hyperventilating, crying, and running around the halls stupidly the second I get inside the building.

I'm failing every class. I've tried to reach my school psychologist but in order to meet with her I have to go to school. I've met with my doctor but there are no therapists that can take me so I don't think I can get pills to help me. What should I do???

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    You do need to get into therapy. What do you mean there are no therapists who can take you?  And regular therapists can't prescribe anyway. Your doctor would have to do that.

    Frankly, your situation sounds serious enough that I think hospitalization might be called for, because you really need to be evaluated by a psychiatrist. Get your parents to talk to your doctor with you. What have THEY been doing in all this?

    I also think that you should go to the school to see the school psychologist WITH one of your parents.  Have them set up an appointment for you. He or she might be able to refer you to an outside therapist.

    You need help, and you need adults to help you get it. Keep pushing for that. If necessary, go collapse in an ER and beg to see a psychiatrist.

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    My regular doctor prescribed hydroxyzine for my anxiety, and it helps quite a bit.

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    How did you meet with your doctor and discuss therapy without your mommy and daddy. STFU no one cares....  go away.  "I cant get pills" hahahaha   go away....  go cry or something.

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