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why is my father not proud of me?

My father was a warehouse employee growing up and I didn’t feel anything towards that all I knew is that I wanted to do more of a job that required some education. I went off to college and graduated and got a job, I met the man of my dreams who is a civil engineer. My father gets very intense red around us he gets a lot of anxiety and days after the family events I hear him scream I feel like such a failure! Why isn’t he proud of me?

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    Some parents are like that My Father Never said to me well done

    in all His life he never Praised me

    Even when I was Promoted to Cpl Nothing But My Uncle was so Proud of me


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    There is no pleasing some people. I know how you feel, had the same life like you, same dad reactions. After trying for a few years, I gave up, and moved and cut him out of my life. Im much happier now.

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