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Car insurance ?

20 and dont know about any of this ... back in September i got into a car accident that resulted in total loss. I was turning left and he ran the light but says im at fault. Anyways its been a little over a month and got a letter saying my claim has been denied.. what does that mean ? And how does this whole process goes? Please clear explanation and will i get another car? Starting work very soon ... 

 I have Infinity insurance 

 Still paying off 2015 car , got it in March. Was worth $9,000


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    U got a d.l. (SOMEHOW) & U don't know schit?

    Why don't U ask YOUR insurance company? They will tell U everything.

    . Hopefully you "were" insured B4 the crash occurred?

    . I do not care what the other driver says because HE AIN'T THE "DETERMINATOR". -There is an "accident assessor" who hears both sides of the story(yours & theirs) and HE DRAWS THE CONCLUSION AS TO WHO gets nailed. (that is blamed, fined and forced to bend over while they ram "them up the butt hole".

    . It is part of the process.

    Hang onto the letter. The paperwork should be underway immediately after the crash.  You contact your insurance agent(the guys you pay the big money to protect "your interests") You car is your interest & so is your body injury if it was that bad a crash you end up in the hospital.

    (It happens in many car crashes)

    .As much as I can surmise, you were in the middle of an intersection waiting for a space to open up so you could complete your left hand turn.(Driver's training manual page 12*** I am kidding, I don't know what page it is on but it is in your Driver's Training Manual(that you were suppose to read and know from cover to cover before you did your "WRITTEN" part of the exam.  Now, you are allowed to be partly in the intersection waiting for the space that usually happens when the light changes to Yellow. Then the approaching cars are "suppose to stop" before it changes to red.   Most cars do.

    But there are the occasional ASH-HOLES that will either be sleeping or just determined to jump the red light.  You kind of got to watch out for can tell as they are speeding up and not slowing down as they should.  That is driving DEFENSIVELY to stay alive.  You ain't a cop nor are you driving a MILITARY TANK.(so it kind of matters, if you be a dude on a motorcycle or small car so you are going to take the brunt of the damage because the other guy usually has a big old mother of a beater car and he don't give a schit.(or distracted by sleeping behind the wheel, on playing with his ding a ling...instead of the BUSINESS OF DRIVING AND PAYING ATTENTION.,,& Following the rules of taking turns.

    Anyways, you inform YOUR insurance about the crash(incident) which is not that long ago.  It is from "your insurance company ALL COMMUNICATIONS happen to the other side.  Of course the other side is going to deny you, that is their job.  You got to mount a good defense...if you want to win at this game.

    Your insurance is on your side.  Not the other "hosers".  They are protecting their man.

    Talk to YOUR insurance  company. I pay $1500 per year for my insurance (the big money). My dad paid  about the same amount for his for 40 years and never needed it once, so do the math and that is $60,000.00. But he was protected just in case & I was that one time case. Getting hit by a drunk who was uninsured.(it only needs to be ONCE)  Police was there, fire trucks were there, ambulance was there (so I was told)as I was in a COMA for 2 weeks. So to me it is just stories)

    So in my case, the cops press charges to the other driver.  This is what insurance gets to review. Because mine was bodily injury as well, it went to court. I won without knowing what happened because I have no memory of that day so says the JUDGE.  Insurance may complain about the payout but the Judge has the final say.

    Fender bender stuff, is pretty cut and dry. One car hit the other is obvious.  I am guessing you got hit on the passenger corner/side.  Making it the other person's fault...for not braking for the light.

    .That is my guess without a picture...or more story line.

    Car COST YOU $9000.00.when you bought it. Obviously overpriced.  Really worth $6000 and now since you owned it it dropped even lower so more like $4000.  Damaged, it is worth even less.

    . Totaled?  I doubt it. Probably is fixable as intersection hits are usually not that fast.  Just mangled metal.  Body shops can fix these cars so you can't tell they were hit. 

    . I don't care you are still paying it off. You still got to do that. You bought it, you pay for it...whether you still got it in perfect condition or drove it over a cliff. It does not matter to the seller.   Money is all he is after.  Which you AGREED TO PAY.

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    4 weeks ago

    Welcome to the grown up world. You need a dash cam. But, check with the police to see if the corner had a camera. What this means is that you lost. To get your car fixed, you'll have to come up with the deductible. And, you might get a ticket for illegal left turn. Your insurance decided you were 100% at fault. That's why you need a dash cam. And always get other drivers names as witness. You may have to stop trafic to do so. Even one will do.

  • car253
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    4 weeks ago

    It will be difficult to prove you are not at fault for failing to yield the right of way. 

    Other driver had the right of way UNLESS they ran the red light.   Then it is their fault.   Do you have a dash camera or witnesses  to prove the driver ran the red light?

    Since you know your car was a total loss, I guess you let your auto insurance company total your car.  If you did, then you did the right thing by letting your auto insurance handle the damage to your car. 

    Who send you the denial letter?  Your auto insurance company or other parties ?   If the letter is from the other parties auto insurance company you need to give the letter to your auto insurance company and let them handle them. 

    Source(s): Insurance agent
  • 4 weeks ago

    It depends on who denied your claim and why.  If you have collision insurance, your company has to pay you, less your deductible.  If you do not have collision coverage, you will have to sue the other driver, if it was his liability insurance that denied your claim.

    Source(s): retired claims adjuster
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  • 4 weeks ago

    Why was the claim denied?  It said so in the letter you got, but you forgot to mention it here.  Without that little detail, nobody can help you.

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    Your fault or not, your own insurance should pay for it. Since you are making payments, you have collision coverage correct? A "new" car, no, you will get the fair market value less your deductible.

  • May
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    4 weeks ago

    20 years old, driving a financed, insured car on public roads and you Know nothing about this ?            SHAME ON YOU !

    You were very likely found  liable for "failure to yield the right of way".  When making a left turn like you describe, the "turner" is almost always found liable.

    If your claim has been denied, how would you know that your car is totaled?  You wouldn't know that unless one of the insurance companies accepted the claim.  

    Regardless, since the other guy's insurance denied your claim.  Simply use your own insurance.  You should already know that you can do this.  Your (Infinity) insurance would have given you your options if you had notified them of the accident as you are supposed to do.  If your car is indeed totaled and your own insurance accepts the claim, you will receive "Fair market value" for your car.  They  will NOT get you a new car.  If the amount you get is less than what you still owe on the car, and you don't have GAP insurance, you will have to keep making payments until the loan is paid off.

    Your own insurance company can/will explain all of this to you if you ask.

    This seems to be a perfect example of why "Insurance 101" should be taught right along with drivers ed. to obtain a drivers license.  So many naïve people know nothing about insurance which is so important.

    Accident?  ALWAYS call the police to the scene and then immediately notify YOUR own insurance company....   ALWAYS !

  • 4 weeks ago

    Unless you had a green left turn arrow or light and he had a red light,   the accident is your fault.    Except under these conditions the left turning car has to yield to all oncoming traffic.  Your insurance may have a clause in there that says they do not have to pay if you are at fault.   I suggest you read the insurance contract.    Looks like you are without a car and still have to pay off the loan.   Bummer. 

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    It was your fault your suppose to yield to oncoming traffic when turning left.

  • 4 weeks ago

    It means you’re insurance company finds that you were at fault so it won’t pay you. 

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