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 has anyone else experienced the great value line at Walmart actually has some delicious options?

I've tried their crackers, chips, cheeses, the seasonings, bread, its all delicious. I was paying for top tier name brands for years and tasted great value and couldn't believe how good it was. paid only $1.75 for a bag of shredded cheese at great value and bought the Kraft brand for $5. I was shocked. it actually tasted better.

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  • Audrey
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    1 month ago

    Yes. I buy all of Great Value foods. I don't like the dish soap though.

  • 1 month ago

    I absolutely NEVER buy name brand groceries if there is a substitute for it in the store brand, I am Canadian so we have 'No Name' from Superstore, and I have yet to buy anything from that line that has not been as good or better than the brand name counterpart.

  • kswck2
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    1 month ago

    Store brands often have nearly or the same quality as the Name brands. Most times they are made in the same factory anyway. 

    Brands like DelMonte may have factories that produce canned string beans and canned corn, but Walmart would not-they would contract for those vegetables From DelMonte. But why is DelMonte more expensive? Well, you are paying for their Advertizing. 

  • Goerge
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    1 month ago

    Ummmmm I strongly disagree with the shredded cheese for $1.75 vs. Nope wait, you are comparing it to Kraft which is probably shredded processed cheese food so I am not surprised you like the generic equivalent. The added cornstarch or whatever powder they use so it doesn't stick together isn't helpful imo.

    There are however many other times where I have went the "Great Value" way such as with the staples/pantry items you mentioned. It's sorta hard to ruin a saltine cracker and mayo is mayo unless it's Miracle Whip and then it's salad dressing.  

    It's a similar thing with bacon at Walmart and the many different additives they use such as black pepper. Name brand wants $8 for 12 oz and Wright brand wants $9 for 3 POUNDS of bacon ends and pieces. I am able to season or brine the bacon in Ziploc freezer bags and then freeze it. I do have to sort the bacon because some of it is PURE FAT which is just fine for me because a nice and hot bowl of pinto beans likes a little fat. I can also cook a batch of fat pieces and render the fat for cooking pancakes or waffles or burgers or roasted potatoes(lots more recipes for you to choose from) at a later date. REFRIGERATION IS NECESSARY!!!! The rest is prepared and frozen. It's versatile and I save money which is a win win. 

    You've discovered a less expensive(not to be confused with cheap) way to shop without compromising flavor. 

    They also accept EBT as payment at their online store which during this pandemic is VERY popular because of people being labeled non-essential. If you order groceries from them, make sure to use Promo Code DELIVERY and choose a time window reservation which costs $7.95. The delivery charge is free which allows you to redirect that and more to the driver as a tip, should you so choose. I've ordered from them about 5 times now and I haven't been disappointed in the substitutions they offer which has been 1-3 items per, on average, 100 items. I ordered a LARGE box of baking soda(A&H) which they were out of and they replaced it with 4 smaller A&H boxes identical in weight to the original, Triscuit Garlic instead of Rosemary and the rest of the subs have been satisfactory. I do like the way the Walmart employees shop for produce which I was going bald over during my first foray into online grocery shopping. They can't have the love that I have. Oh yes they can. All of my produce has been good. Yes, 100%. The delivery drivers are 3rd party contract drivers so they can, judging by other companies and the way they treat their contract drivers, use the tips.

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  • J
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    1 month ago

    Almost everything I buy is generic. I love shopping at aldi because everything is like half the price of other stores. The only time I buy brand name stuff is if I’ve already decided I don’t like the generic brand. It amazes me how much money people waste on items just because they like the name on the box. Certain things are exactly the same. Why spend extra on name brand flour, sugar, milk, pasta, rice, etc.? It’s all the exact same thing. 

  • Olive
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    1 month ago

    Yea I buy mostly great value food etc from there cause your right it got good taste

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