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Why do people even listen to politicians? They always say the same things and nothing has changed in decades?

"The middle class needs tax cuts!" "Small businesses are the key to a strong economy, we need to help small businesses!" "Lets end racism!" "Let's end our reliance on fossil fuels!" "Lets fight climate change" "Let's tax the rich more and help out the average working American!" Yet the rich keep getting richer, racism is the worst it's been in decades, fossil fuels are still going strong, climate change is still happening, the middle class is still struggling. Politicians say the same thing every election cycle, Republican or Democrat. But nothing has changed at all in 100 years


People think "Oh wow... Trump sucks!" but people said the same thijng about Obama, and the same thing about Bush. Obama was supposed to be the savior of the world after George W Bush, and nothing changed. Trump was supposed to be the savior from Obama, nothing changed. Now Biden is acting like he's the new savior. And guess what, nothing will change

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    Many radical differences have happened in the last 100 years. It's shocking to hear you present yourself as a person who has paid attention and then come out with a statement like that! Massive changes in social structures. The "middle class" didn't exist 100 years ago! There were shop keepers who employed some people. But there was no "middle class" who took expensive holidays and had second homes supported on a salary. That is what rich people did. No "middle class" who played the stock market and had investment portfolios. The "middle class" of today is so new no one knows where it'll go or what will happen to it or if it was ever viable in the first place. It's an experiment largely grown out of the G.I.Bill after WWll. What many call the "middle class" of today was considered the "working class"  70 years ago. A salary commiserate with the job and skill level that afforded the support for a family was "working class". And saving money was more important than "extra" anythings. 100 years ago women were granted the right to vote but most did not because their husband's wouldn't allow it. 

    Yes, promises are made and remade. Standing foremost in our inability to modify our resource consumption is that we don't all have a bigger grownup at our backs making us  do so. Like sharing Halloween candy. Some just do. Others need parents at their back MAKING them do so. The economy of the USA is massively tied up with energy companies and development. So holding status quo works for that massive machine. So far, if people really motivate and demand change, it's possible to make change. But the people aren't doing that because they have their consumption goods and heat and air and relatively drinkable water. This will all change. It is stupid that we are allowing it in our lifetime as if our children's lifetimes don't matter. It's tragic even. It's not complimentary!  I wish sometimes we had parents standing over us requiring it because it's hard to BE the grown up and not many of us are bothering to do so. Working hard to get more for yourself endlessly isn't really grownup behavior. While we may scream "Corruption!" at our politicians.. they are reflective of the corruptions of ourselves. I know we want leaders to be above all that. Which means we need select our leaders with scrutiny towards protection of our people and our planet. It's scary. It's necessary. It's not about two chickens in every pot anymore and all that fanfare and arm waving and promising  is toddler behavior with no mind for the larger reality. I thought the only moment of ADULTHOOD in the last Presidential debate was when Biden mentioned the need for an energy shift and he was immediately jumped on, dismissed, ridiculed and even in the media the next day it was endlessly clamored "a mistake".  A "mistake" to speak to the largest issue we are facing!  It was the only moment that interested me.                                           

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    You're wrong ... You don't understand, because, you are looking at the condition of the country after it's been driven solely by supply-side trickle-down economic policies for the last forty years. But, there have been two MAJOR changes in this country over the last 100 years.

          ➊ In response to the 1929 stock market crash that signaled the beginning of the Great Depression, Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected president by the landslide defeat of Republican Herbert Hoover in 1932. FDR flipped our Republican supply side driven economy over to run on demand-side economic theory and began using the federal government to build a middle class that became the envy of the world ... Fast forwarding to the 1970's, the economy ran into a serious problem with inflation that Reagan (in 1980) said he could fix.

          ➋ Reagan talked the country into electing him president to implement what he called his NEW economic plan (which George H. Bush was calling voodoo economics in the Republican primaries). So, in 1981, Republicans (with the assistance of House Democrats) flipped our economy over to once again run on supply-side economic theory. And, it's been running that way ever since. 

            With the advent of the Great Recession in 2008, Obama was elected to make the CHANGE (back to demand-side economic theory) to rebuild the middle class. But, Democrats didn't win enough control of Congress to make the flip against Republican opposition. So, there was no major changes under Obama other than Obamacare. And, our economy remains supply-side driven.

    The changes you're looking for cannot happen unless Democrats win the presidency and majority control of both the House and Senate. Biden has it right when he says this election is for the soul of America ... Biden will take us to a country with a strong middle class ... where the middle class is king. Four more years of Trump and McConnell will produce a country you won't recognize ... nor will you like.

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    Racism is the historical minimum, the costs of climate change are enormous, much of what was promised is unrealizable, it is just a matter of reading between the lines what the politicians say. Don't be fooled or brainwashed.

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