Should I get a QA job?

A job is a job right? I just graduated with a BS in comp sci, but I've yet to land a job. Didn't get an internship and no real experience. I like the idea of working software. 

My coursework had me staring at my screen for hours on end to understand the control mechanisms and structures. I legitimately enjoyed it. Trial and erroring my way to a final submission. 

I built out a few programs for classes. Simple GUIs that had buttons to click and make more text appear, a search window that plugs into a localhost sql server, and otherwise just homework looking bits.

I don't really feel like I know what to expect in any tech-related job, but at the same time I don't necessarily "know" what I want to work on.

Anyway, I was mostly just thinking about how I always hear that QA testers are often treated like bottom-of-the-barrel employees, especially in the video games industry(though I haven't applied to any of those). I'd imagine you're not necessarily working on the code, but just trying to simulate normal user behavior and then unexpected actions that could break the program function--then writing up reports about it.

I would LIKE to try getting a software dev gig, but it just seems like I'm still half-baked in my abilities. I'm in a position where I don't necessarily need a job immediately, but I just feel like I'm stagnating, not doing anything.

Maybe I'll just go back and get a master's in something lol

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