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Is it normal to go a day without speaking a word?

 Including calls, but I won’t include texting. I sometimes go a day without speaking. I did yesterday. No stable job, live with a family unrelated to who speaks a foreign language (I can speak a little, I’m half their ethnicity but they are dysfunctional and no point in), and some days better to stay home so literally no speaking. Maybe I may say a “yeah” or “ok” if someone tells me something but even a day can go without. 

Some I am sure go days


Enn: thank you but I am moving out and they are violent towards each other and rude towards me. They have beaten each other, thrown plates across the kitchen (a middle aged woman did this) and there is no reason for me to communicate with them unless necessary. She is lucky she is not in jail now. I have been for too long and even if they are nice it is fake and only the middle aged adults are nicer, but also awful. 

Update 2:

The middle aged woman assaulted her teen son in front of me, and threatened to kill herself before. Almost and should have caled cops. No reason to want to know these sick people, at least now. It is bad for my head and I am a lil unstable myself 

Update 3:

And they have pulled knives on each other, son against his mom who was violent

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  • Pearl
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    4 weeks ago

    depends on why youre not speaking

  • enn
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    4 weeks ago

    I live 40 miles from the nearest town and my neighbors across the street, their house is on the back of their 1st acre and our house is on the back edge of our 1st acre meaning we have two acres between us. My next nearest neighbor is 2 acres down the hill.

    Silence is a GREAT thing.

    It is perfect for meditation and watching the stars at night from my deck.

    That said, you have been given a gift - a gift of TIME. How you use this time is up to you. Me, I have been trying to learn French. I can now kind of read it, still can barely speak it. But I am trying. I am watching videos in French with the subtitles so I can read the French words as they are spoken. I am getting a little better at hearing it spoken and understanding. But I am better with Spanish. DO take this time to work on learning the language despite the relatives. You might meet someone one of these days who might change your mind about the neighborhood.

    As for something to do, I have been watching videos on youtube of guys who are taking junk and cleaning and repairing the junk. It is a thought. I like to watch them take something broken and useless and make it work again. Give your head something different to think about and learn a skill and things could change. Good luck to you!


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